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Ivan Abadjiev And The Bulgarian System
David Woodhouse

David woodhouse does a great job in understanding the master coach ivan abadjiev and the bulgarian system.
Olympic Test Event Beijing, China
Mike Burgener

The report i sent in to Usa weightlifting regarding my trip and experience as coach of my son Casey Burgener, in China at the Olympic Test event.
Pan Ams 2005: Warm Up Attempts
Leo Temohenko

Pan Ams 2005: Warm-up Attempts By Leo Temoshenko At the 2005 Pan Ams, COL was second in the women’s competition and first in the men’s competition. Tulia Medina (COL/69K) did her warm-ups at the 2005 Pan
Pan Ams 2005: Initial Observations Of The New 1 Kg Rule!!
Leo Temoshenko

Pan Ams 2005: Initial Observations of the New 1K Rule By Leo Temoshenko At the 2005 Pan Am Championships, the new 1K rule was used. I was the Head Marshall for all but one session. I could see both the warm-up room and the
Results From Pan Ams

matt bruce gets a bronze medal in the santch, silver medal in the clean and jerk, bronze medal in the total. unfortunately lance frye did not make a clean and jerk. jackie berube wins gold in the 58 kg womens division!!! 63
10 Point Scoring System
Mike Burgener

i wrote this article 10 years ago, but it is still applicable today when scoring and teaching the lifts. The Coach's Office Feature Article: Maxing Out in the Power Clean Using the 10 Point Scale