matt major's site for crossfit as well as oly lifting instruction.
Brand X Martial Arts
jeff and mikki martin have created a training enviorment that links all fitness programs together. what a great program they have!!!!
concept 2 rowers
the best rower made!!!
crossfit boulder creek
crossfit beth moscov in boulder creek calif. as well as a master oly lifter who gives her all to her fellow man. look at her efforst in raising $$ for charity.
crossfit chesapeake
some of the greatest weightlifting coaches and weightlifters train at crossfit chesapeake!!
CrossFit Headquarters
Official CrossFit website
crossfit kansas city
mike rutherford's site. mike is da man!!
crossfit nor cal
robb and nikki's site!
the best balls for slamming and training.
dynamax medicine balls
these balls are great for general fitness and WALL BALLS!!!
fitforce camp
jerry hills site. very impressive and has some great workouts on the site for your pain and pleasure!!
jeff tuckers crossfit
great site by coach jeff tucker xfit gymnastic instructor!
LSU shreveport
kyle pierce's site at lsu shreveport, la.
paleo kits from steve's club
support kids and get your paleo kits from steave's club. these are outstanding and gluten free!!!
stud bar pull up bar!!!
now this is a great pull up bar for the home crossfit gym or any home gym!!!
what is crossfit!!!
what is crossfit??? great description!!

general sites

exercise prescription
outstanding site with great information for general and specific conditioning. there is a wonderful high school site up as a link. very impressive.
steve fauer pictures
steve fauer takes pix of all the weightlifting competitions. his stuff is awesome if you need pix to show and educate your lifters on the correct way to lift.


a guide to kettlebells
kettlebell fitness
pavel home page and info re kb and kb training.
kettle bell concepts
great site for kb information and training!! dave does a good job in decribing clients needs and benefits of his methods. good stuff!!

Olympic Weightlifting

Athletic Physical Education
great site for the school teacher/coach/physical education instructor.
benn overcamps video's
great site for seeing live video's from national meets.
bulgarian training
the great master teaching the bulgarian training.
Coaching the Double knee bend!!
to coach the scoop, dbl knee bend, or not??!!
dynamic fitness
order shoes, singlets and other gear from bud charniga.
fr langes gym and my strength coach at notre dame
fr. lange was my strength coach at notre dame! paul gill the developer of this website wanted to show others how great a man fr. langes was and how he had an impact on us all.
go heavy
forum discussion of what is going on in olymic weightlifting.
high desert weightlifting club
located in new mexico
iron mind
great stuff by randy strossen. the best video's available for study of the lifts.
joe micela's and team arizona website.
Joe Micela
Performance One Advanced Sports Training
Head Coach Team Arizona Weightlifting
Joe does a great job in supporting our sport.
lift til ya die
butch curry, 80 olympian's website.
lift up!!
one of the best sites i have seen for the oly lifting enthusiast!!
lost battalion hall in nyc
The only place to train and learn Olympic lifting in NYC and the Greater Metropolitan Area. Coached by USAW-certified coach Joe Triolo. We have active junior, senior, and masters programs for men and women. Beginners and out-of-town visitors are welc
LSU shreveport
kyle pierce's site at lsu shreveport, la.
mavrik barbell company
great bumpers and bars from tim chin and mavrik barbell company!
maxfit usa
Coach Max Mormont has a great site with a wod on the site. max is a lifter and a great trainer.
more on norbert schmansky
ski's stats!!
nor cal open
a great meet! check this out!
norbert schmansky
one of the greatest lifters of all time!!!
oly lifting magazine
great site with good articles and photo's of national lifters.
Olympic Coach Gayle Hatch's site
The Hatch dome....great site and good instruction for the movments.
over head and heavy
chris wilkes from va. and head coach of team chesapeake put together this website.
peaks weightlifting club
joe kavenaugh has developed a great facility that houses peakes weightlifting team. i visited peaks last summer and could not believe what a top rated facility flagstaff has to offer.
queensland weightlifting
the downunder site for olympic weightlifting.
this is my school's wt. room
sports specific training----steve kenyon
great site and a place to get all your xfit and h.s. needs. Bars,
now this is how you squat
the miller fitness plan
one of the best resources that i have found on training individuals using the olympic lifts. carl miller has finally put together a book for all trainers and individuals using the olympic lifts in workouts for everyone!!
tracy fobers stuff
if you have not seen the ironmaven in action you have been missing an education!!! check out this site and you will NOT BE SORRY!!!
usa weightlifting
the ngb of the sport of olympic weightlifting!!
Vs athletics for weightlifting shoes
outstanding weightlifting shoes for under $75.
weightlifting exchange!!!
outstanding new design from chris leroux. good pix and check out the links for equipment.
workouts from austrailia
the queenlands site has some pretty good workouts to follow.


my children use advocare products and love them. contact me for more details if interested.
egg whites
these egg whites are awesome. high protein, low cho, and low fat. you will like them. contact me for receipes.
justin thackers website
justin thacker from st. louis has a good site for supplements.
try these patehes for extra energy. they work.
nano greens
go to this site to learn about great nutrition of fruits and vegetables!! check it out!!
weightloss resources
great site to find information on weightloss!! i put it in supplements because of the sites vast information. great site.