Plenty of good reading from the interview with Master Blaster Joe Dube. Alot of info for the lifters who don't have resources regarding W/Ling up-dates.
Scott Tusic(Steelton Barbell Club of WV) | 2006-04-04
really enjoyed reading the article about made sense , i think more information outside of olympic lifting involving stength is important for todays lifters who want to build a foundation which is both dense and powerfull , and this article highlighted that , overall everything was covered very well and i am looking forward to next months issue
Donny Shankle | 2006-04-05
I really enjoyed the article on lifting in Japan.
I would be great to see an example of their training programs since they appear to train under similar situations as most North Americans.
Looking forward to more issues
Mike Gilpin | 2006-05-23
That's the best answer by far! Thanks for cotinrbuting.
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