Casey looks unstoppable!
I look forward to seeing him with the gold in Bejing!
Great job!
Frank DiMeo | 2006-06-20
Not bad work for an old guy! Have fun on the Harley, and I'll see you in August!
Natalie Friend | 2006-06-20
Really nice photo of Casey. Great interview with Mr. Dube. The 2 foot space by Bull is well taken. Great newsletter. Good health and many good workouts to all.
Hillbilly Scott Tusic | 2006-06-20
MIKE, Thank you again for sending nathan my way, and talk about timeing if he has a weak link it is with out question legs and the jerk, trust me I can correct the leg strength, and after reading MICHAEL CONROY article on the jerk I am fully loaded with the right work load for Nathan, what a great news letter you have, enjoyed the article by my friend and former teamate THE GREAT WORLD CHAMPION JOE DUBE WHO WILL HELP ALL WHO WILL DO BUT ONE THING "ASK HIM " keep these informative and first rate news letters coming, Gary Deal
GARY DEAL | 2006-06-20
Great stuff! I look forward to the next newsletter! It would be neat if you developed a magazine. I'm sure that would be costly. I would purchase it! Thanks for taking the time to produce the newsletter! I really liked that article that Conroy developed.I enjoyed reading the interview with Dube. I enjoyed reading about Jim Mosers experience in the last issue as well. Keep it coming!
Jerri Pugh Pendleton | 2006-06-21
My god I hope the open letter at the end of your July newsletter is someone's sick idea of humor. Even if it is it still scares the begezzuz out of me. If it's not, that guy really needs some therapy and I'll be happy to know that my tax dollars might provide some of it.
Eric | 2006-07-20
You put the lime in the concout and drink the article up.
Delia | 2011-08-27
SIMRAN | 2012-03-28