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Coach I have a friend who is a strongman that wants to pick up weightlifting. He is really bulky in his arms ahoulders and traps. Will this cause any issues for him as far as getting into a good rack or overhead position? Should he drop some of the upper body mass before training oly lifts?

Justin | 2015-01-03

this is of course only my opinion but i believe to be a good, not great olympic lifter one has to have in this order: mobility, speed, strength. and as i said, in this order. mobility for your friend would need to be evaluated. can he do a proper overhead squat to where his butt goes between his ankles straight down with the torso being as vertical as possible with both feet flat on the ground?? test his with this exercise: take a pvc pipe and grip it with 2 hands like a press but hands take feet and put them together keeping them flat on ground.....take a deep breath and have him squat all the way to the ground....tell him to feet must remain flat and bar has to be behind his ears. how does that look?? see...his weakness is his strength....he has this but i am guessing he has no mobility....speed can be taught. if your friend is motivated and willing to get mobile in the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders.....with this strength he can in about 1 yr with good coaching be able to become a good lifter. without not seeing this friend i am only guessing....strongmen are great and they want to become olympic lifters....ed coan one of the great power lifters back in the day could muscle snatch more than he could snatch. my e mail address is: drop me a note and pix of these exercises i describe above.....and let me see what he is like. also i will send you some pix of what i look for in lifters. more thing....can he snatch body weight? cln and jerk 1.25 times body wt?
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