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I'm a master div lifter (40-44) who trains snatch on one day, clean and jerk on another, then snatch and clean and jerk together heavy on Saturdays. This is about all the volume I can take. Anyway, after going heavy on the snatch on Saturday, I feel like it has a negative impact on my clean and jerk. My question is, is it okay to alternate the order of the lifts every other week, or will this have an adverse affect on my snatch technique? I'm prepping for a meet in 10 weeks and don't want to experiment too much at this point.

Ryan | 2014-08-20

It is definitely fine to experiment with clean and jerks first. I use to clean and jerk at the beginning of my session all the time, and it depends what the focus of the session is on. As the meet gets closer (2-3 weeks out), then I'd stick with snatch, rest 10-20 minutes, then clean and jerk. If you need more work on the clean and jerk, then attack that first in the session when you are fresh.
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