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Hello, I am new to your site here and am a total novice when it comes to crossfit. I barely did my first box jump at 18 in. 2 days ago...That being g said I would love to get into crossfit as I've hit a major plateau with my fat loss. I've weight lifted for a year now and have made progress in strength but not enough in muscle tone or leaness.
Looking through your workouts and WODs I see many abbreviations and even full out names of the movements but I don't know what they are or look like/mean. If there is any way you could clear that up for me,you would help me a great deal! Thank you so much for your time,sir
I hope to hear from you soon!

Ambar Bustamante | 2014-09-16

We will try to get better about spelling things out fully and without knowing exactly what you are referring to, the best bet would be to google the movement for clarity.
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