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Hi Coach,

Could you please take a look at my lift please and give me an idea of how to improve?

I feel I'm jumping backwards a little, my feet need to be set accurately from the start and that I have abit of a donkey kick which is taking a little from my pull.

I think my back knee on the jerk needs to come down more in order to drop my hips and keep a vertical torso to keep the bar vertical.

Do you think this is the case?

What exercises would you recommend to fix a donkey kick in the snatch and the clean?

Many thanks coach!!!


Joshua Peacock | 2014-06-23

All in all it is a pretty solid lift. Jumping back is absolutely fine in a snatch or clean, as long as you bring the bar with you, which you did. The bar does crash on you a little when you receive the clean and that is just a timing issue that will be worked out with some more experience and an aggressive third pull/turnover. It is important that you meet the bar so that it doesn't crash on you. For the jerk, yes you need a bit more drive up and under the bar. I'd work some rack jerks from behind the neck as well as in front to get the feeling of an aggressive drive up, then immediately driving your body down, underneath the bar. You can work on some tall jerks to get this feeling of driving your body under the bar. For donkey kicks, they are a tough habit to break. You didn't donkey kick in this lift and from my experience, when the weight gets heavy, the donkey kick goes away. With that said, some good remedies are tall cleans and tall snatches.
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