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Hi Coach. I'm at a point (2 years of CrossFit and Oly lifting) where I'm trying to build the right habits for the next 10 years but am unsure which way to train my weaknesses out. My problem is this...
I power clean 235# fairly easily now and split jerk it as well. However, my front squat 1 rep just PRd at 235# and even though I can catch a squat clean with good mobility a solid bottom position at 245-250# I can't get out of the bottom. My max squat clean seems to be around 205#. Hearing that this is a sign of newer and inexperienced lifters I'm unsure if I should
A. Stop training with the power clean until my squat clean can match or exceed it.
B. Train squat cleans and/or pause squats to build my squat clean.
C. Train my front squat until I've built the strength to squat clean as much as I power clean.
D. Keep training power cleans with a stronger focus on front squats and squat cleans.

Oh and I'm 6'4" 208# with long limbs if that matters...
Thanks for helping me build a better foundation for development of my lifts.

Sean Roberts | 2014-09-10

Definitely A,B & C!!! If you were my athlete, you wouldn't ever be doing power cleans unless you were a CrossFitter and it came up in a WOD. Squat clean all cleans when performing strength movements, front squat up to a heavy single 3-4 days a week (doesn't have to be 10 reps or less 3-2-1-1-1-1-1 and will only take 10 minutes), and spend some time in the bottom position of your clean with pause front squats and 1 and 1/4 front squats.
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