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I have read in at least two sources that say that the shoulders should be behind the bar in the power/hip position. I learned that the bar should be in front of or at least over the bar in the power position. How do you teach it? Thanks

Tony Lamanna | 2014-10-12

We teach from the down position, pockets and launch, which are all part of the second pull. In the down position, your shoulders will be behind the bar to allow a vertical hip drive. In the pockets position, your shoulders will be slightly over the bar and you are prepping to hit the down position before hitting triple extension or your finish, which must be vertical! For the launch, mid-thigh position you are definitely over the bar as much as possible to load the hamstrings. The key is staying over the bar as long as possible before hitting the down/hip position. In the future, please send all questions though our new website:
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