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I've been having issues with my clean as soon as go heavier than 250 lbs. When the bar is gets heavier have the tendency to let the bar go away from me causing me to have to jump forward to catch or not able to catch it all. I was wondering what exercises you may suggest to help fix this issue? The weight off the ground and front squat are not my issues i'm dead lifting at 505 lbs (no mix grip or lifting straps) and my 1 rep max front squat is 365#. The first video i'm able to catch but it's not pretty at all.

failing at 260 lbs:

Kenny Alhaj | 2014-11-05

send me your e mail: you are not finishing...and you are rolling too much forward causing the bar to get away from you....its all in the feet. stay over the bar longer. i stopped a frame that shows what i am talking about.
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