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When looking at the 4day 12 week program I noticed 2 position cleans. When approaching 3 position cleans/snatches I usually go clean or snatch from the floor then just below the knee then mid thigh. I was wondering how I should approach the 2 position clean is that one clean from the floor the one from mid thigh? Thanks for the great site coach.

Justin | 2015-01-03

depends on the athlete....but me the 3 positions are: standing straight up.....pos 1, pos 2 is mid thigh and pos 3 is floor. that is the way i teach it because i like vertical hips at the finish...i like keeping bar as close to body as possible. so for me i teach from top down with the beginner to medium lifter. hh x 1, mid thigh x 1, floor time one. in the 2 pos clean it would be mid thigh x 1, floor x 1. now lets take a more advanced lifter......i might turn that around....going from floor x 1, mid thigh x 1, hh x 1. the advanced lifter might dip forward a tad on the hh...and for that advanced lifter i would allow that....but only a 1/2" -1" of so. for the beginner i am after vertical hips.....straight down and going right into the dipping forward is allowed. naturally one cannot lift very much weight like i keep the weight light.....i am after positioning here not lifting heavy....weights can get heavier in the 2 pos. hope this helps.
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