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Good Evening Sir,

This question pertains to the Split Jerk finish and pain that I have begun to experience when executing the movements as part of a weightlifting WOD. I experience shoulder pain when "pushing" myself under the bar on the finishing movement of the Clean and Jerk, ending with catching the weight overhead. I don't feel the pain at weights of 135, 145, or 155... but once I start executing and finishing the jerk movement at 160 pounds and heavier, I begin to experience a pretty sharp pain / discomfort on the rear of the muscles of my shoulder. I don't know if it is technique related, or if it is a sign of over training, but it's not like I'm a Games athlete slaying myself in the gym 3 times a day. I was wondering if you had any similar issues and if so, if there were techniques involved with alleviating some of this pain through stretching, mobility, etc.

Thank you

Ben Gutek | 2015-03-14

send this question to and we can answer it from here....also my e mail address is: feel free to send me a few video's of your positioning. coach b
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