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Hi Coach,

I have an athlete that gets under the bar so aggresively (fast) that the bar ends up crashing down on her. I've tried a few different cues to teach her to catch it and ride it down, but its been a struggle for her. I know if she cn fix this her clean will go up 10 kg's. Any advice to help would be awesome!

Adam | 2015-06-03

sorry....the mikes gym website is active but i rarely go there.....try going to that is where i hang out now. footwork drills asking her to receive the bar in various depths.....she has to learn to meet the bar...then ride it down....i have found that by doing clean lands (although this will have the bar leaving her shoulders and then coming back down) at various depths say: 2", 4", 6" parallel.....that helps a ton. how are her elbows? is her grip correct? i like wider....elbows come around faster and that helps with meeting the bar more can contact me at: as well. probably easier.
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