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Dear Coach,
I have been weightlifting for about 6 years and have made significant increases from where I started, but it seems that now either my mobility or body type is giving me problems with my squat clean. My long femur is making it extremely difficult to get in a solid bottom position. I have been doing everything I can think of to mobilize ankles, hips, lats, and upper thoracic extension aggressively with almost no success. I feel as though if I could get my feet in a wider position it would enable me to keep my back upright, but squatting wide is very painful. What should I do?

Neil Seip | 2016-05-21

do this test......take a front squat and put your feet on 2 10 lb under each heel and see how that feels.....if that is better then i would take my shoes to a cobbler and build up the heel a bit WHILE I KEPT WORKING ON MY MOBILITY IN THE ANKLES. if you go to you will see that ray regno our mobility guy has posted a video re this issue. hope this helps.
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