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Hi coach. We have a new CrossFit affiliate here in Sioux Falls, SD. FAF CrossFit. I had gone through your CrossFit cert back in 2009 and my wife just went through the USA Coach performance cert last month. Other than that we have no experience in developing a weightlifting program. We hope to eventually become a barbell club and get people to the point of competing. I follow you, read Greg Everetts book "Olympic Weightlifting a guide for athletes and coaches and follow him on facebook, and Bob Takanos book on programming. One of the major things I've come across when trying to develop athletes and a program is the recommendation of being under tutelage of a master coach. We don't have that here. What do you do if you don't have anyone in the area to work under? Any suggestions in getting a program started off on the right foot are truly appreciated!

Kristian Voth | 2015-04-22

contact me at: or call me at 760-535-1835. i am currently in montana so will not be available until mon or tuesday.
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