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Hi Coach,
Last year I dislocated my shoulder, which to date has not fully healed. After a few months without Oly lifting I tried to come back again with bar only snatch. However, I found that I could not longer get down into the squat position, my shoulder couldn't go back as far as I needed to hold the bar above my head in a squat position - and, anything heavy popped my shoulder again. Gradually, through persistence (and probably stupidity) I was able to get up to 40 kg standing power snatch. Anything heavier would pop the shoulder again. Recently, I thought I should go back to square one and try to get the full snatch form with the empty bar /no weights, but this also seems to not be productive. Do you have any suggestions? Or, does it sound like my snatching days are done?
Many Thanx,
David in BC

David Woodward | 2014-05-31

I would recommend that you try out the split snatch! Keep working on mobility and strengthening the shoulder but being in the split position will be a lot more comfortable for you overhead.
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