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I am currently 31, 5’11’’ and weigh 88kg and spent pretty much the last 10 years doing typical strength/body building training with no emphasis on mobility. However, about a year ago I decided to make a dedicated effort at learning the Olympic lifts (something that had been goal for many years). I’ve spent the last 6 months using nothing heavier than a 20kg bar learning Snatch progressions (for several hours a week) outlined in Greg Everett’s book and DVD and from watching your videos on YouTube. I have now corrected my mobility issues and over the past few weeks I have progressed in weight so that I am able to perform a mid-hang snatch with 40kg. However, as soon as I start using heavier weight (40kg – 55kg), I am unable to perform the movement smoothly and end up catching the bar in a Power Snatch position and then there is then a slight delay before I drop into the Overhead Squat position. If I reduce the weight back down to 40kg, I can perform the mid-hang snatch smoothly again.

I therefore have two questions; firstly what is causing this hesitation? Secondly, what can be done to resolve this so the movement is still performed smoothly with the increased load.

Rhys Davies | 2014-06-05

without being with you daily and getting eyes on i would say when the weight gets heavier you tend to pull more with the arms rather than driving with the legs. also i would be doing more fast drills....i.e. snatch balance without a dip for arm and foot speed, and then snatch balance with a dip to handle greater weight with more confidence. finally....ALL YOUR DRILLS should be in the full position....nothing in the power position. in addition with the snatch balance without a dip and with a dip up the load some....get that quick speed going....this will help your confidence. i am sure its a techinque issue more than anything else.
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