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Hi, I am 31 years old and 190 cm tall, and I am complete beginner in olympic weightlifting. My problem is the achievement of full depth in the squat, when squatting below parallel i am losing tightness in the lower back (lower back starts to round). I began to experiment with split lifts, after several attempts i found them more natural for me, i am able to go down to about parallel and my torso is upright (during squat lifts i have to move my torso foward). I feel that with more practice i could go down below parallel. I am always going foward with my left leg, could this lead to a imbalance between legs and do you have any suggestion on split lifting program? With regards, Davor from Croatia.

Davor | 2014-06-23

You will always have a dominant leg with a split lift as well as a split is not a imbalance, just what the body is comfortable with! You don't need to train both legs so continue to split with left leg going forward. For programs, you can follow any typical lifting program and just incorporate the split with the lifts!
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