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Hi Mike , I wanted to get a critique of a snatch I did this back in 2005, This is what I worked up to from 2000-2005 using your program back then . Heres the video. thanks for all your help Coach

Guy Adams | 2014-07-11

Main things are that you are going around your knees during the first pull and that is causing the bar to pull you forward. I'd recommend that you start with your butt slightly above your hips, which will help get the knees back and then shift your weight from mid-foot back to the heels during the pull to create a combined center of gravity with your body and the barbell. Other two things I saw were a swing out/the bar getting away from you, and you are a little forward in the bottom due to internal rotation of the shoulders. Focus on the positioning of the first pull and keeping the bar close...
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