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I plan on competing in the masters division next year and I still have trouble with my snatch, due to mobility issues, which I continue to work on. For example, my power snatch is still significantly better than my snatch, as I tend to dump the weight in the squat position. Do you think it is worth it to continue to forge forward trying to become proficient at the (squat) snatch or would it be more beneficial to work on my split snatch, which is currently the better of the two?

Tony Lamanna | 2014-10-12

Being a master, I'd definitely commit to the split snatch and see what kind of numbers you can put up!!! Give yourself a useable bottom position that will allow you to put the most weight overhead! Give it a year, while continuing to work mobility and after the year, we can reevaluate. In the future, please send all questions though our new website:
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