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Hello Coach B,

I have a question related to my Snatch and Overhead Squat.
I have been doing a one hour specialized olympic weightlifting class in my crossfit affiliate gym once a week since 2.5 months. I have noticed that i am gaining strength overall and my clean and jerk max now is 150 and back squat is 210.
However i am not able to go up in my snatch and overhead squat. I can do full snatch and full overhead squat at 75 with some difficulty staying down in squat position. I can also power snatch at 105 currently. I am 230Lbs @ 29% BF. Coach B, my question is, is it my flabby abs which might be barrier for my Snatch and Overhead squat or is it a particular muscle group like shoulders, abdominal or legs (since i can't sit in squat for long with overhead) or is it a technique issue or combination of all? Can you please give me some tips to help me improve my snatch and overhead squat? I am stuck here and any advice will be helpful.

Thanks Coach B

Bhisham Sharma | 2014-11-24

here is what one has to have to be a good or better olympic this order: mobility, speed, strength. you obviously have the strength since you power snatch more than you ohs and snatch. your mobility in the bottom position is your issue....with you bf %% and you not being able to sit in the bottom of a ohs or squat for a period of time i start there. shoulder mobility can be an issue and many time is an issue.....for me i would have you reduce your weight and do not pwr snatch and learn to become comfortable in position where now you are uncomfortable. take it one day at a time and make yourself better. get that mobility down and do whatever it takes to get it. do not worry about numbers now.....if you work your mobility, reduce your bf, i predict you will be snatching over 200 lbs in a year. its better to for you to e mail me any questions: that way i can show you some pix and you can send me video of your positions. do not hesitate to do this....i like coaching and helping people and anyway i can.....just let me know. coach b
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