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Good morning,

I have a question about overhead position and shoulder rotation. I was taught in my level 1 seminar that external rotation of the shoulders/elbows in the overhead position is the most stable, optimal position for your shoulders. Dr. Starrett writes this in his book and I've heard you echo this with cues like "show me your armpits".

However, weightlifting coach Greg Everett teaches elbows back and internal rotation. I've heard Chinese coaches teach the same and in videos Dmitry Klokov internally rotates his shoulders during a jerk or snatch.

Is internal rotation (in the overhead) an archaic and improper position that will soon be phased out as the sport evolves? Or is there some merit to teaching it this way?

Thank you for your time. It is much appreciated.

Kai Clark | 2015-05-15

i think its like anything else.....i believe like kelly starrett believes that i can support more weight when my shoulders are externally rotated.....i can show you 100 pix to verify this......i can also show you a 100 pix that will verify what greg and dmitry verify.....what is correct? in my opinion correct is what works for you in a natural way. i have always said there are 1000 ways to skin a cat and they all work...some better than others but they all work. do what is best for you.
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