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I'm trying to eliminate a significant early arm bend on the snatch and want some advice regarding volume of training to dedicate to this.

You have had some great advice for me in the past, so I thought I'd ask another. I typically have one snatch session per week, which lasts 1.5 - 2 hours (including walm-up), and this consists of establishing a 1rm for the day and then doing an additional 5-10reps to finish off.

I can't spend that much time any more often in the week, but I can spend about 15-20min on four extra days. So I have initially been doing 4sets of 10reps of Klokov High Pulls in an attempt to get a lot stronger in the pull and to get used to bending the arms after hip contact. However, I am wondering if a better approach would be to use those 4 extra days to build up a lot of volume (compared to the 1 snatch session) of doing something like 25reps of a moving the bar from mid hang to the hip and then into a tall snatch, with a low weight (maybe 50%). With the aim being to get so many more reps in (compared to the 1 snatch session) with the bar touching the hips and then bending the arms.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Rhys Davies | 2015-09-01

sorry....the mikes gym website is active but i rarely go there.....try going to that is where i hang out now. also contact me at: if you need advise. early arm bend.....the nemesis of lifters....i use the high hang snatch/clean for this....the idea of a cue: the shoulders lead, the arms follow seems to help....but remember the shoulders to do not get the bar higher but the shoulders lead one under the a idea like from the high hang....straight up and down like a jerk dip would be: jump 1/8" of ground....jump again....then pull your body down.....the jumping is the double knee bend.....the shoulders lead you down and around the bar....the shoulders do not get the bar higher....they are a stretch reflex that allows one do pull their body down and around the bar after the bar has received acceleration from the legs thru the floor....and extension upward of the hips......the bar and the hips meet automatically...i do not teach one to bring the bar to the hips but teach understand that once the bar gets to the hang position one extends (jumps vilolently thru the floor) the bar and hips meet (brushing) allowing the hips to go vertical.....more efficient pull in my opinion. hope this helps.
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