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coach b, you have percentages on your workouts. are all of them based on c&j/snatch 1rep max? such as rdl percentages? are front/back squat percentages off of that max or clean max? ohs off of snatch max or ohs max? thanks, josh

josh | 2006-04-29

most of my max's are based on the actual lift. however i will in the workout indicate what i want the % to be taken off of. for example i might say front sqt: 90% x 3 x 10 sets taken off the clean max. or i might say front sqt: 84% x 3 x 10 as written this would be taken off the best front sqt. rdl's are always taken off the best clean. ohs are rarely given a % to lift off....sometimes. when i give ohs i base that work off what the individual has as a best snatch. what i am looking for is at least 5-10 kg more in the ohs than the snatch. in snatch balance i am looking for a 10-15 kg more than the snatch. hope this helps, coach b
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