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I have a question about intermittent fasting for pain management. I mean restricting or eliminating calories for a 24 hour period once a week or so. I have been a member at a local crossfit affiliate for over a year and I am trying out more of a focus on weightlifting. I spent a few months doing more strength work outside of our box's daily programming and for the last month I have focused on weightlifting 5-6 days per week. I am definitely not used to this much pain and mental drain on a constant basis. I know that diet is a complex issue but I am wondering if you think restriction/fasting might mitigate pain and or aid in recovery.

Steven Franke | 2014-08-25

i will tell you that weightlifters love to eat!!! if you are tired, in pain...mental and physical due to the training....cut back and eat more calories of good food.
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