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Rugby: Offseason training
Hi Coach I wanted to ask what kind of setup you'd use for a rugby player in the offseason. at the moment I'm focusing on linear speed, strength and power, I'm using a Chad smith's juggernaut template, with Oly lifts done before the deadlifts and
Programs I can use with crossfit
How would i implement one of your programs with crossfit, or is it possible? I love olympic lifting and want to get better but i also love crossfit to stay in shape for basketball. Any ideas? thanks. the site is great
Training for rugby
Coach, I guess I was just wondering how you think crossfit and oly lifiting should be used in rugby. I find it hard to increase my strength while also getting to "match fitness" thanks
Can you be a good powerlifter and olympic lifter?
I have just started competing in powerlifting (2 competitions). I like it a lot, and I've also become intrigued by OL. Couldn't stop watching it during the Beijing Games and tried to keep up online, even though I'd never heard of any of the athlete
Training youth softball
I've been training high school athletes for several years in oly lifting, speed, agility, etc. I have been asked to work with youth softball players (ages 8-12) on speed and footwork. How should I set up training for them that will progressively im
StrengthTraining for Wrestling
Coach, Would like your thoughts on strength training for high school wrestlers--both off season and in season. Thanks
Distance Running
Some people say that distance running can interfere with explosive ability. i am mostly interested in sports besides oly lifting, but i was wondering if you feel that running can interfere with your athletes explosiveness?
Relative strength
Hey coach, i got a little confused getting this on the website...hope i didn't post it twice. i had a question about developing a good strength to weight ratio. im training for sprinting/jumping and i need to get really strong without putting on to
Strength & Conditioning for Glynco
I am training for 7 months of federal training in glynco, georgia. I have been a crossfitter for a while now, and I recently started emphasising oly lifts for overall strength and explosiveness. I run twice a week, crossfit/oly lifts 3 times a week,
Strength/Power for Judo
Coach, Any suggestions on incorporating olympic lifting to enhance my Judo skills? Needed are rotational power, pulling and pushing strength, and there are some throws which involve squatting under your opponent then exploding upward Semper Fi, Ra
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