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Feet placement
Coach, I'm having issues finding my feet placement during the lift. I feel that my feet placement after the triple extension is preventing me from falling under. Any suggestions?
Tight shoulders in overhead receiving position for Snatch/OHS
Hi Coach B, Any recommendations for stretches or remedies for tight shoulders in the overhead receiving position? My shoulder girdle is incredibly tight and it makes it hard to catch the bar overhead or keep it stable in that position. i've been r
Snatch form
Coach B, I just got into weightlifting a few months ago and was wondering if you could check out a video of snatch form so far/
Snatch bang
Hello, I have noticed a nasty problem when I snatch. Rather then brush the bar against my hips when I jump, I keep banging my pubic bone against the bar. Ouch! What cue should I be thinking about to avoid this problem? Is it more than one?
Percentage on the high hang snatch or clean
I attended a CrossFit Oly cert last April headed by Ursula Garza and I remembered her telling us during the class that we should not load more than 70 to 75% of our 1RM on our high hang snatch or clean. I would like to confirm this. Or I would like t
Sweeping the bar up the thighs
Dear Coach, When I am snatching and cleaning I have trouble sliding the bar all the way up my thighs due to a weak back. Because of this I have a low take off point on my thighs. What exercises can I do so that when moving up in weight I can sweep t
Tall cleans/snatches
What kind of weights should be used on the tall cleans/snatches/
3 pos snatch rep scheme
Coach, on the 3 pos snatch you list "1. 3 pos snatch: work up to 60%x1+1+1 rep at each position x 5 sets." does that mean that 1 set is a total of 9 snatches? 3 from high hang, 3 from BK, and 3 from the floor? if this is the case does that also mean
What do you think?
Hi Mike, I was wondering if you could take a look at my snatch? I feel like the bar is looping around my body after the second pull and when I catch it. Tell me what you think and what exercises or technique i need to work on! Thanks https://www.yout
I cannot get past certain weight on snatch
Hi. This is my first time watching your videos and reading all the Q&A's for snatch technique, because I find it to be my most difficult lift. I'm a 5'2 female and weigh barely 110lbs, I pr'd on my power snatch at 115lbs last week,before that I could
Displaying 11 — 20 of 135