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Young lifter
Coach, In your opinion do you think their is any harm in giving a 11 year old a protein shake once a day after a good workout of calisthencis and jump rope.
How much to eat
I hear that eating is just as important as lifting when you want to get bigger and stronger. i was wondering how much protein and how many calories i should eat each day to continue to gain strength and muscle mass. i am 16 yrs. old and am 6'2" 190
Gaining Weight
Im trying to gain lots of weight for next years football season. i am a TE and right now weighing at 190lbs and 6' 3" but want 2 get to 225lbs. i am eating a ton of food and constantly drinking protein shakes about 3 or 4 a day and i lift about 5 tim
Weight Gaining
I want to gain weight before next football season, and was wondering what the best way would be to do this. I currently weigh 195 and would like to be to 225 in a time span of 9 months. Is this goal possible.
Gaining Weight
What are your recommendations for a lifter for gaining weight? I want to gain about 15 kgs. Thanks.
Too Much Water?
Coach, I have seen on your site and other places, the benefits of water. My question is, can you drink too much water? If so, how much do you recommend? Thanks
Advocare Commission?
Do you get a commission if we buy Advocare through your link?
Advocare Recommendations
mike, i have never heard of advocare products until you mentioned them, and checked out there web site. what products would you recommend for a master (48 yrs old) lifter? thank you!
Supplement Recommendations
Hi Coach, Is there any supplents I should be taking if i'm lifting 4-5 times a week and squating every time I lift? I noticed that my joints hold up well provided i'm using whey protein, a daily multi vitimin and taking glucosamine, however if I qui
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