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WOD Archive - February 2018

Thursday July 28 2005

pwr clean + jerk: work up to near max for day, then -10 kg x 1, - 10 kg x 1 x 5, no more than 90 sec rest between sets. the key on the pwr movements is that the pull must be the same as in a full movement. if that is not the case then the pwr movements are not performed!! tommy gough could snatch 150 kg the same way he could snatch a pvc pipe!! no difference. remember: a snatch is a missed pwr snatch!!

rest 15 minutes

pwr snatch + ohs: work up to a 80-85% of your best pwr snatch and do 3 sets x 1+3 with it. if you are feeling a tad sluggish, then take a good wt. for the day...not max, use the the same % as above. take no more than 2 min between sets.

rest 15 minutes

kb swings or db swings: 3 sets x 15 reps. use a heavy wt.

db push press or press x 10 super set with chins x 10, 5 sets!!! see how fast i can get these done. for fun you could add to the push press a front sqt and come out of the hole with the pp...crossfit.com calls these thrusters!!! great exercise.

abs: your choice. BUT DO THEM!!!

enjoy the workout!!

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