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WOD Archive - February 2018

Tuesday August 2 2005
monday's workout was probably tough on most of you. today we will back off a tad on the amount of exercises we are doing to allow a recovery of the body.

1. clean and jerk: work to a heavy single. whatever that is...not a pr, but a heavy single for the day. when you figure what that weight is perform the single, then back off to 85% of that weight and perform between 3 and 5 singles.

rest 15 minutes.

2. sn pp+ohs: you still should be pretty warm from the cln and jerks. work up to a medium to heavy sn pp+ohs. in my opinion this should be below your best snatch, but not much. most of my athletes can ohs between 5 and 10 kg more than they can snatch. the limitation here is the sn pp. if you have to have a partner help drive that bar up with you, then do it if you can ohs much more wt. your sets and reps will be: 1+3 x 2 sets, 1+2 x 2 sets, 1+1 x 2 sets...the first 4 sets being lighter and the last 2 sets are the work sets.

3. good mornings x 10 x 3 sets

4. hanging leg raises x 10 x 3 super set the good am's with the abs.

contrast bath if you can. cold first x 3 minutes....warm x 2 minutes...repeat 3-5 times, ending with cold.


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