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WOD Archive - February 2018

Wednesday August 10 2005
even big dudes can do pull ups!! this is collin ito who weights 140 kg using bands to do pull ups. last night edgar h. weighing 210 kg did pull ups!! he used 3 bands that assisted him, but he did the pull ups!!!

dynamic rom warm up!! 10 min

1. muscle snatch: take it to a max single, but your sets should look like this: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1. until you get your heaviest single. do not rebend the knees on the turnover...work the external rotation of the pull and then put the shoulder in the ear (shrug hard) when the wt. is overhead!! great strength builder for snatch.

2. pwr snatch + ohs: work up to 70% of best pwr snatch, then: 3+3, 75%x2+3, 80%x1+3, 85%x1+3x5. remember this is not of your best snatch, but your best pwr snatch. i want speed, but i want good position in the ohs.

rest 10 minutes

3. pwr cln +pp+pj+jerk. you will be limited here by the pp, but i want a good upper body pushing workout today. work up to 70% of best pp then: 3 pc + 3 pp +1 pj + jerk x 2, 75%x 2 pc +2 pp, +1 pj +1 jerk x 2, 80% x 1 pc + 1pp +1 pj +1 jerk x 2. the key here is taking the % off the pp not the pc. pj= push jerks or power jerks...they are the same exercise.

rest 10 minutes.

4. chris wilkes ab cycle (see yesterday's workout)

5. chins: 15 total


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