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WOD Archive - February 2018

Thursday August 18 2005
can you guess who the 3rd guy from the left is??? we are in virginia city, mt. doug ito, james burgener, steve gough, and yours truely all having libations in a really old fashion bar like in the wild, wild, west!!!

ugh!!! back to school today!! it has been a great summer. in fact one of the highlights was our visit to steve gough's abode!! here we visit a nice old mountain pub in virginia city, montana!!

drom warm up: 5 minutes

1. 2 pos pwr snatch : working up to 82% of best pwr snatch do 5 sets.

2. sn pp+ohs: work up to a heavy single. in this case i always want my lifters to try to hit a ohs with what they can snatch or even more!!! get use to handling heavy wts overhead!!! make sure your shoulders are put in your ears when pushing that bar up!!!

rest 10 minutes

3. pwr cln + pp + jerk: you are going to be limited here by the pp: do 1 + 1 + 1 for as heavy as you can go in the pp. then switch to the pwr clean and jerk. go as heavy as you can go until you have to do a full clean!!! your total workload here might be 5-8 sets. 3-4 due to the pp, then another 3-4 due to the pc. this is a great workout!!!

4. chins: 15 total

5. reverse back ext. 3 x 10. lie on a glute ham bench opposite of how you would normally lie. belly on the pad, head facing the foot placement....feet hanging where the head would normally go. raise your legs up while holding on to the foot area. keep legs straight, dorsie flex your feet. raise and hold 2 sec, repeat.

6. chris wilkes ab circuit!! see previous posts.

stretch, pool or cold shower or bath!!

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