Tuesday April 6 2010  
1. 2012-04-14
hello SKJmin.I have an idea to make the game more accessible wihuott tarnish your great work.for the Star Coin too complex, would it be possible to have a challenging alternative for that coin. Example, for the first Star Coin's 1-1, after entering the green pipe, landed in a room opening on 2 doors. The first door leads into the existing challenge and the second in a new room with a more moderate challenges (but not simplistic and wihuott cameo ^ ^).
2. 2012-04-16
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3. 2012-04-17
Hi Yvonne! Sorry for the delay on this response. Wilton Armatele does have a line of products that go “from freezer to grill”. However, you will notice that the finish on those pieces is more of a matte or textured surface. If you prefer items that have that versatility, then you will sacrifice the highly polished finish that defines our line. We are happy to offer pieces that fulfill the category of serveware. For most customers, the look and affordability of our pieces is worth having to
4. 2012-04-27
Hey! Newcomer here.How do new technologies fit into this equation? Super Metroid was a breathtaking improvement, but I think it’s not a fair comparison, because Metroid and Metroid 2 were games for vastly inferior devices.Should a developer consider the posibility of waiting until the next generation of technology is available to release a sequel? Is it a smart move?

5. 2012-04-28
To me this all comes down to mathematics. I interpret the quote in the following manner:When you do enough coin flips, it is about 50% heads, 50% tails.So an example would be that you are correct 50% of the time and your rules are to risk 200 pips per trade and take profit at 400 pips.That is 5 * -200 = -1000 5 * +400 = +2000———————————————————
6. 2012-05-02
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7. 2012-05-12
I thought that Mass Effect 2 was a brilliant sequel. It burried those half-implemented role-playing mechanics and made it more into a shooter with lesser but more focused RPG elements.

8. 2012-05-13
(and she says she’s not a “therapist”-smile). Speaking as someone who knows how family secrets can affect one’s life up close & personal, I can applaud the fact that she’s attending therapy. Journaling her feelings is an excellent way to vent when she can’t confront the ones who abused her. Family secrets among family members is a touchy subject. Why are some abused while others aren’t? Isn’t that clearly playing favorites and telling chil
9. 2012-05-14
My question would be, “What do you expect to change or to gain from this confrontation?”If you think mommy and daddy will see the error in their ways and embrace the new, stronger you, than don’t bother confronting them because that WILL NOT HAPPEN.BUT… if you HAVE to get this off of your chest even though you know it’s just going to lead to more screaming and finger pointing and them blaming you anyway… then I say you go for it! Sometimes the only way for a v
10. 2012-07-07
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