Tuesday January 11 2011  
1. 2011-01-11
cnj: 185,175,165
cln pulls: 225
fs: 255(failed), 245
2. 2011-01-11

C&J - 195,185,185,175,175
Clean Pulls - 215,215
Front Squat - 225,250,265

Mobility Work
3. 2011-01-11
cj: 220/210/200
pulls: 245

nice work jb and TP!
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5. 2012-05-15
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6. 2012-06-05
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8. 2012-06-08
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9. 2012-06-11
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10. 2012-06-13
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11. 2012-07-01

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12. 2012-07-12

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13. 2012-10-15
Artiecls like this really grease the shafts of knowledge.
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14. 2012-12-22
o close at all which is more often than not.
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