Tuesday January 25 2011  
1. 2011-01-25
sn: 160
cj: 200
haven't been able to do ft squats, no stands and cannot make it into the gym, so I did squat cleans until my speed slowed, hit 240.

Kstarr is the man!

How goes the lifting TP?
2. 2011-01-25
sn 115
cj 165
still catching the snatch in a quarter squat for any weight over 100. i found a nearby college gym that has bumpers and platforms, so i'll lift there once a week
3. 2011-01-25

Snatch X 1 (140)
C & J X 1 (170)

Mobility work

I took last week as a deload week and this week I feel faster than I ever have! Still a long way to go. Those are heavy numbers... you've gotta find a good place to squat and those big numbers will even go higher!

I think tomorrow's workout is made for you with the snatch issue. Snatch Balance, OHS, etc. These have helped me with the bottom position.

Great lifting guys!!!
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4. 2011-09-05
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8. 2012-04-20
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