Thursday April 28 2011  
1. 2011-04-28
Work up to a heavy single. Does this mean a one rep max for the day or should it be below this?
2. 2011-04-28
Hey Dave, I asked the same question of coach before and it is not a max day but what feels `heavy` that day. It may be close to max one day, and not so much on another day. Going by feel really. Hope that helps.

3. 2011-04-28
BS 100kg, 90x2, 85x2, 80x6

FS work up to 80

Abs 50

Push ups 30 x2
4. 2011-04-28
is 90%x2 mean 2 sets of singles or just 2 reps?
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5. 2011-09-08
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6. 2012-04-06

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7. 2012-04-11
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8. 2012-04-19
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9. 2012-04-22
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10. 2012-04-22
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13. 2012-04-22
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14. 2012-04-23

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15. 2012-04-25
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16. 2012-04-25
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18. 2012-05-02
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19. 2012-05-04
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20. 2012-05-15
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21. 2012-05-22
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23. 2012-05-26
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24. 2012-05-27
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25. 2012-05-28
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26. 2012-06-11
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27. 2012-07-16
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