Saturday May 7 2011  
1. 2011-05-07
cln+jrk: 1x275, 1x290, 1x300(f)jrk

snatch: 1x205, 1x215, 1x220

front sqt: 1x290
2. 2011-05-08
sn: 195
cj: 235
3. 2011-05-09
80kg Snatch PB
100kg Clean and Jerk. First time I have squat cleaned and jerked this weight.

120kg Front Squat. I know its not supposed to be a max effort but I am just going with what feels right and the numbers are going up every time at the moment.

100 Sit ups, 4x25

Loving the program at the moment, cheers Coach B
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4. 2012-03-01
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5. 2012-03-26
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6. 2012-03-30
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7. 2012-04-03
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8. 2012-04-05

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9. 2012-04-05

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10. 2012-04-06

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11. 2012-04-07

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12. 2012-04-08
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16. 2012-04-12
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17. 2012-04-13
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30. 2012-05-09
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51. 2012-05-27
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