Monday June 20 2011  
Dave Millings
1. 2011-06-20
Hi Coach,

I hit a new PB Back Squat on Saturday following your stuff so thanks a lot.

Q: My new PB is 160kg with knee wraps, my old pb is 152kg raw, do I base my percentages for the WODs on the old raw PB or on the new one?

I plan to train raw if it makes a difference.

Cheers Dave
coach Burgener
2. 2011-06-22
always go raw if you can, then in meet or pr time put on the sleeves. mon son casey use to sqt without a belt and cj without a belt....but meet day he used the belt and really did heavier weights.
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8. 2012-03-28
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17. 2012-04-05
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22. 2012-04-11
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23. 2012-04-14

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24. 2012-04-14

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26. 2012-04-14

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28. 2012-04-14
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