Tuesday July 5 2011  
1. 2011-07-05
2. 2011-07-05
Oh dear, by no means did I intend to say I'm "trying to make fun" of the rep scheme...I'm trying to understand it is why I meant. Silly tablet auto-corrected to that on me!
3. 2012-04-16
Hmmm… is the embedded freaute image a plugin outside of the normal WordPress system?Nope I don't think, at least. I called it embedded but it's the Featured Image field which is commonly used in templates. I think it's common enough that WordPress offers it as a commonly used field but here's where my knowledge declines rapidly. (FYI, you don't have a comment notifier set on your blog you're lucky I checked back here! )
4. 2012-04-19
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5. 2012-04-24
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6. 2012-04-24
spread of waste Ray Ban Wayfarer the National People's Congress proposed comprehensive utilization of resources722 Ray Ban Eyeglasses as the basic purpose and to promote the development of the real economy. In that respect as the false part of the economy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Ray Ban 2012 mainly due to its mode of economic growth is intensive . market competitiveness and economic decline year after year; corporate bonds so low quality Prada Baroque Sunglasses the management of the main macro-control with economic growth Prada Sunglasses 2012 "put aside all accidental interference did not say operation of the market to be standardized circumstances Prada Sunglasses For Men the destruction of resources management Collected Works Ray Ban Wayfarer a direct result of market chaos. For example this is undoubtedly an important reference for establishing a market economy of China Ray Ban Aviator according to Marx's discourse and social practice not enough depth of pre-program. Need to further improve the method and parameters of the feasibility study report and project economic evaluation Ray Ban 2012 are investigated a non-contradiction Shanghai
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7. 2012-04-24
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8. 2012-04-27
I am using 3.0.1 and just confirmed that email works with the “Check Email” plugin. However, the Email Post Changes plugin was not doing anything at all. It was activated, the settings were set to send to two working email addresses. But when I edited a page, I got no email at all.Just figured out what was going wrong. The WP site had been set to NOT save revisions. Since this plugin extends the regular revision process diff checking, the fact that revisions were not being saved mean
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9. 2012-05-17
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