Saturday November 12 2011  
1. 2012-04-14
Good Lawdy! Someone is actually proud of that name!Hi, topsted you on SITS, clicked your link and was happy to have found a new, great blog. After reading your "About Me" I can see we have a few things in common. Mainly, attitude. But, in my life I have one husband, 3 teenaged daughters and 3 girl dogs. My life is all about the bitches, literally. And I might, (as she whispers) be in my 40's, but we'll just leave that little fact out of there. Love your blog! I'll be back.
2. 2012-04-14
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3. 2012-04-23
this is always a real lightening rod topic for me – so since I’m not yet a parent, I’ll keep it brief and say, if you have one child and then have a second, you can’t spend as much time with baby 1 now that there are 2. Same with a dog. Lack of time, in my mind, shouldn’t equate to less love. Love comes in group activities instead of solo time… We have 2 dogs. I worried how my feelings would change for dog 1, once a cute new puppy came along to play with.
4. 2012-04-27
Until you become a parent yourself, you will NEVER understand the difference between the love a parent feels for their child and the love a pet owner feels towards their pet. I’ve always loved my pets dearly and also didn’t understand this difference until I had my first child. As a parent of two children and 4 pets, I can tell you it is definitely NOT the same thing to have a second child as it is to have a child after you already own a dog or cat. Not even close. That being said, I
5. 2012-04-30
I definitely appreciate Penny in a new way – sometimes I look at her and think, “What you want is so easy!” I think that once Bub is a little older we’ll be able to have more fun all together as a family, and now there will be a third person to love her. The difference has been that my heart just changed when the baby was born and made space for so much more love. I think I love Penny just as much, but didn’t realize how much love I was capable of before Bub came al
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6. 2012-05-02
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