Wednesday February 22 2012  
1. 2012-02-22
Coach. I'm confused on which WOD to follow! I noticed you started posting for crossfitters which is awesome. I have been crossfitting from the main site WODs for about 5 years and I have really noticed that if I'm going to get better at crossfit I need to gain more strength. I've been doing the crossfit footbal Strength WODs for awhile and I'm just wondering maybe for me it would better suit me to do your crossfit workouts. I realize every individual is different so this might be a difficult q
Beau Burgener
2. 2012-02-22
Jason-When choosing what WOD to follow, its important to remember that everything works, but nothing works forever. With my training, if I see a program I like and want to see if it works, I do it!!! In my opinion, that is the only way to test something out. I do agree that strength must come first with CrossFit, and my workouts will include strength sessions every other day as well as the WODs being with heavy weight (most of the time). Let me know if you have any more questions.
3. 2012-02-22
Thank you for the help! And I will take your advice, I will start the Crossfit WODs on your page and see what happens. It seemed that no matter how hard I hit the crossfit wods on the main page I wasn't getting were I wanted. I am more fit than when I first started but when I compare my times to the firebreathers times I would hardly qualify to sit on the bench to watch them. Ok maybe not that bad, but I feel that when I increase my strength my times will improve. Now just to figure out which
4. 2012-02-22
....strength program works the best for me. Thanks again, sometimes it gets frustrating not knowing which way to go.
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5. 2012-04-20
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8. 2012-05-15
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10. 2012-06-05
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11. 2012-06-06
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13. 2012-06-14
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14. 2012-06-16
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15. 2012-08-07
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16. 2012-08-07
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17. 2012-09-19
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18. 2012-10-19
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