Saturday February 25 2012  
Joshua Roberts
1. 2012-02-25
Sounds like a great Idea!! I'm a big fan of this site's programming. I think the addition of a metcon to the oly/strength portions has made it super well rounded. Thanks for the workouts.
2. 2012-02-25

Mike, I workout at home. Been following your site and programming a few months now. Focusing on Oly lifts, mostly. Been a great resource and has helped me really progress. Thanks!
3. 2012-03-11
jennifer - while i understand pushing through the pain and practicing relentlessly to be able to run without stopping or do a kipping or a hspu, i don't hold in the same regard holding your breath for 17 minutes. (amazing, but what does it prove?) 3 rounds today. took me 28 mins. went back to do box squats tonight and LOVED those! i'm very proud of austin for doing "kelly" in 26:44 (the record so far!) []

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20. 2012-07-07
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21. 2012-07-23
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23. 2012-08-07
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24. 2012-08-07
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25. 2012-09-19
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