Monday March 12 2012  
1. 2012-04-17
Morning Coach!
I've just finished a OLY meet in WI and am ready to start a true OLY training cycle. I'm CrossFitting & OLY lifting you can imagine its difficult to get a little mixed up w/ the two and not give the OLY lifts the attention they truly deserve. So...I've come back to the beginning of your most recent cycle to get on track. (Next event isn't until Dec). I just need a little clarification on your notes: Sn Push Press: 5,4,3 (reps? @ % load?) Thanks a million!!
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2. 2012-04-18
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3. 2012-04-18
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4. 2012-04-28
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5. 2012-05-15
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6. 2012-05-23
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7. 2012-08-08
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8. 2012-09-06

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