Monday March 26 2012  
1. 2012-03-25
What's the barkski snatch? No hits on YouTube. Thanks
Beau Burgener
2. 2012-03-25
Tony- It is actually spelled Barski...not Barkski. Sorry for the typo. However, a Barski snatch is 3 hang snatches without ever letting go of the bar (I.E.: Dropping it on the ground and regriping). It is a great exercise to work on the 2nd pull and aggressiveness on the turnover bc by the time you get to your third rep, you should be gassed. Hope this helps.
3. 2012-03-25
Thanks for the quick reply. Should be fun.
4. 2012-03-26
Is the clean a squat or dealers choice and BW snatch is about 15 pounds over my max(205) what number should be used? Thanks love the programing.
Beau Burgener
5. 2012-03-26
Joe-If I say clean or is always a squat. The only time it will be different is if I specify (I.E.: power clean, power snatch, hang snatch, etc.). For the snatch, about 90% of your max. It is only 5 reps, so I want it hard, but doable. As with all workouts, I put the ideal weight that I'm looking for, but you can always scale it for you...that the great thing about Crossfit! Basically, Crossfit is incorporating a lot of heavy lifts into their competitions, so we need to train that way. Hope this helps.
6. 2012-03-26
Thanks for the quick response. I figured it was squat clean but I figured I'd try to get away with a power. Lazy I guess. Thanks alot.
7. 2012-03-26
127.5lb/137.5/147.5 x3
190 x3x2
135/155/175/185 sn pp & ohs x3
135 x3x4
100 weighted sit ups
8. 2012-04-02
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9. 2012-04-09
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11. 2012-05-04
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12. 2012-05-08
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13. 2012-05-08
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14. 2012-08-08
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15. 2012-09-06

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16. 2012-09-07
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17. 2012-09-12
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