Tuesday May 22 2012  
1. 2012-05-22
No CrossFit WOD? What time do you guys usually post it?
Beau Burgener
2. 2012-05-22
My pops post a week or more at a time with the Oly lifter workouts; however, I choose to post the Crossfitter session a day before. I post the workout when I get home from work, which is usually pretty late. I'll take into consideration posting the next days workout early morning or a day before. Hope you are enjoying the workouts.
Beats By Dre
3. 2012-05-22
Thank you for your own reveal, I'll keep coming back once more!
4. 2012-05-22
I attended your dad's o lifting seminar a couple weeks back and after that I wanted to give these WODs a shot. He said that you are doing all the programming and not him. About liking them? They are rough! Good, but rough. Keep up the great work. On our 5RM deadlift, are we allowed to drop the bar between reps or does it need to stay in our hands for all 5 to count?
5. 2012-05-22
1. front squat: work up to a heavy single 210pr then -5%[200] x 1, -10%[190] x 1, -15%[180]x2x3

2. back sqt: work up to 175x3x3

3.20 ghd sit ups 5 ghr

4.20 chins: 25# weighted vest
Beau Burgener
6. 2012-05-22
Glad you are liking the workouts. Remember that the workouts are suppose to be rough. That is why it is extremely important to take the rest days and recovery seriously, and like always, if you feel over trained...back off. For the 5 RM deadlift, I do not care if you drop it or keep your hands on the bar, which ever method will allow you to do more weight.
7. 2012-05-22
By far the hardest program I have follow so far. Did it RX'D except on the wall ball shots, did it with a 25lbs med ball in 29:32. Also hit a new PR with my 5RM dead at 385 lbs without dropping the bar through the set. Thanks for wrecking my body over these past 3 days haha
8. 2012-05-25
Still following Juggarnaut Method for DL's ~ 10's Wave week 2 ~ 292x10x10x17

2000m row
195 WB @ 14# (no 20# available)
100 sledge @ 12# (as heavy as it gets the gym)
50 ring dips
= 29:30
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9. 2012-05-26
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