Tuesday June 12 2012  
1. 2012-06-12
New to doing the Olympic WODs, can you please define what you mean by Jerk, thanks
2. 2012-06-12
Just to be clear, I know what a PP and PJ movement would be, Im just trying to figure out what the movement for the Jerk alone would be
3. 2012-06-12
1. pwr snatch: work on loading the hamstrings and good positioning off the floor.
work up to 75%[100] of best pwr snatch x 3 reps x 5 sets.

2. pwr cln +sp + pp + jerk: work up to 70%[125]x1 x 5 sets.
Coach Burgener
4. 2012-06-12
scott....the jerk as weightlifters refer to is the split jerk. weightlifters who do the snatch and clean and jerk do not refer to a jerk as a split jerk.
5. 2012-06-12
Thanks coach
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6. 2012-06-17
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7. 2012-07-01

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8. 2012-07-12

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9. 2012-07-14
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10. 2012-08-09
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11. 2012-09-06
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