Saturday July 7 2012  
1. 2012-07-07
1. snatch: work up to 75%[100]x1, 80%[110]x1, 85%[115]x1, 80%[110]x1, 85%[115]x1, 90%[120]x1

2. cln and jerk; work up to 80%[150]x1, 85%[155]x1, 90%[165]x1

3. fs: work up to a heavy single. 205
2. 2012-07-10
Strength: Military Press Juggernaut Method 8's Wave Week 2
90x3 102x3 110x8x8x12

WOD: 185# ~ 13:24
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6. 2012-07-30
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9. 2012-08-08
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10. 2012-09-06
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11. 2012-09-16
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