Monday July 16 2012  
1. 2012-07-16
1. 2 snatch pulls + 2 snatches: work up to 73%[95] x 4 (2+2) x 2 sets, 78%[105] x 4 x 3 sets
2. sn balance: work up to 80%[105] x 3, 85%[115]x3x4 (work on speed under the bar. drive down hard)
3. back sqt: work up to 85%x3x5 225x3,205x3x2 switching to high bar back squat 135
4. clean shrugs off rack: work up to 125%[230] x 5x5
5. ghr x5x3
6.ghd sit ups x20
7. chin ups x 40
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2. 2012-07-27
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4. 2012-07-30
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7. 2012-10-05
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