Monday August 20 2012  
1. 2012-08-20
Hi Mike...just there additional Crossfit programming going forward? Frank, Crossfit Longmont Colorado
Beau Burgener
2. 2012-08-20
Not sure what you are referring to by "additional" Crossfit programming, but there will continue to be a Crossfitter workout on this site daily. This is the last week of the modified Wendler program, so next week will be the start of a new cycle/program.
3. 2012-08-20
Coach, when you say work up to 95% for Sn PP. Are you using your 1RM snatch or 1RM sn pp?
Coach b
4. 2012-08-22
Heavy!! % should be taken off snatch pp. but if you are snatch 400 lbs that might be hard to do. Son snatch 400 and did snatch pp + ohs with 418
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5. 2012-08-29
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6. 2012-09-05
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7. 2013-01-18
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